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Many of you in the Indy Racing community have become Brian Hall’s and our friends over the last several months. Sadly, we his family, must announce the passing of Brian Hall on May 23, 2002.

Brian was afflicted with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease nearly 5 years ago. Despite a courageous battle, Brian knew and understood the eventual outcome of his disease, as there is, as yet, no known cure for ALS.

Brian’s battle with his disease was the inspiration behind the establishment of the Brian's Wish Foundation. Under Brian’s guidance and direction, the “Brian’s Wish” program was created to promote Brian’s “wish” to raise public and media awareness of ALS/Lou Gehrig's disease and to ultimately find a cure for this cruel and vicious, fatal disease.

Brian's Wish is the result of the support and contributions from many loving and caring people. Many are members of www.trackforum.com, an online racing forum. One member, Barb Lyons, one of the special nurses at St. Vincent's Hospice in Indianapolis, where Brian spent the last five months of his life, took the time to become not only his caregiver but also his friend.  Brian and Barb quickly realized they shared a common interest in racing. Their mutual racing interests and his caregivers extra efforts to make his life better were the catalyst for Brian's Wish.

Through her involvement with TrackForum and her personal connections within the Indy Racing community, Barb Lyons arranged visits from drivers, owners and crewmembers, which put smiles on Brian's face we had not seen in many months. These caring people, as well as many of Brian’s fellow racing fans from across the country, generously contributed a veritable “museum” of racing memorabilia that greatly helped raise Brian’s spirits.

The entire Indy Racing community, along with many in other forms of racing, through its members generosity, actions, compassion and support, helped show Brian that his life truly did have meaning and purpose. His adoptive racing “family” helped Brian create and leave a lasting legacy.

These remarkable gifts gave Brian both a purpose and a peace in his final days. And that, the family feels, not only extended Brian’s life but also significantly improved the quality of his remaining time with us. For that we will be always thankful.

During the month of May the Greatest Spectacle in Racing is held here in Indianapolis. This was always a high point of Brian’s year.

This year the Bronze badges at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway are a tribute to Sid Collins, formerly the Voice of the Indianapolis 500, who was also afflicted with Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Additionally, the month of May is National ALS Awareness Month.

To us, Brian’s family, these circumstances plus the fact that many of the cars in this years Indy 500 will display a Brian's Wish decal to commemorate Brian, seem both fitting and comforting. 

Brian told us recently; “please remind everyone that it is my sincere "wish", that with the support of all of my many new friends, Brian's Wish will continue to develop and grow as well as it has begun and will be successful in helping to find a cure for ALS."

We as Brian's loving family pledge, along with both Brian’s new and old friends, to continue, and ultimately win, this fight. We will continue to use Brian's Wish to help raise awareness and find a cure for ALS.

For the last 30 years Brian has had a ticket for the Indianapolis 500. Although Brian doesn’t have a ticket this year we know he will have one of the best seats at the track.

And because of the efforts of so many wonderful people, we know he will once again be smiling . . .

Our sincere thanks to all of you who have made such an important contribution and difference in both our, Brian’s, and other ALS patients lives.

Brian’s Family
May 2002


Mortuary:                      Aaron-Ruben-Nelson at 86th and Ditch, Indianapolis, Indiana

Date:                            Saturday, June 1st

Visitation:                      10:00am-11:00am

Memorial Service:         11:00 am

Procession following to Crown Hill Cemetery where Brian’s ashes will be scattered among the trees as was his wish . . . he always loved nature and loved camping

As was suggested at the hospice staff prayer service following Brian's passing, anyone who would like to is invited and encouraged to feel comfortable wearing their Brian's Wish t-shirt at the Memorial Service.


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Brian Update  . . .       3/21/02

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Dear Friends,

These past several days I have had several requests for an "update".

While at work tonight I discussed it with Brian. His condition is declining so, because of patient confidentiality, I had to get his permission to post. Here is what Brian wanted me to say to you.

He continues to be very grateful and appreciative for all of your support, encouragement and prayers. 

Every single one of you has had a deep and significant impact on the quality of his life. He could never really express what you have given to him.

Brian is declining. Everyone knew he would....there is NO stopping this horrific disease. He is much weaker.... sleeps a bit more.... is experiencing more pain..... can have as much pain medicine as he wants with no questions asked but chooses, at this point, to take as little as possible because he wants to stay as alert as possible (personally, I think he just wants to stay awake because he's afraid he might miss something if he naps...he's also concerned that one of his nurses, who shall remain anonymous , will sneak in and "borrow" his "Racing For Kids" helmet!)

His breathing is becoming more and more difficult with each passing day. He wears an apparatus called a Bi-Papp which fits over his nose and augments his own spontaneous breaths. It just helps to blow more air into his lungs then helps to suck it out. He now needs to wear this Bi-Papp almost all of the time. His speech is also getting progressively weaker. It is harder for him to enunciate and fairly difficult to understand him.

However, in spite of all this, Brian remains pleasant, kind, considerate, funny and, above all, exceptionally patient. He is an extraordinary person..... and he can still flash that smile that just melts your heart!

As I previously mentioned, everything that I have shared here has been at Brian's direction and with his permission. He appreciates your concern and wishes to maintain contact with you.

He is glad Tony Stewart was not hurt last weekend. He also is hoping that Fontana is wide enough and big enough that other people will stop crashing into Eddie. He is also keeping his fingers crossed for the Pennzoil Panther Team and for Dreyer & Reinbold's Team Purex/Racing for Kids.... he is also keeping a close eye on his "adopted" Team Cahill and Robby McGehee. He wants Dog to be a good boy out there in California and wonders if there is a White Castle chain out there?

He sends his love and wishes for all a very competitive, fun and safe race. He'll be watching so there will be no blocking or chopping!

Barb (personal assistant to "Wonder Boy")

A note from Brian's Mother . . .       2/20/02

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Dear Friends,

I just wanted each one of you to be aware of how much you are loved for what you have given to my son, Brian.

He is such a special young man... always has been.

Brian has fought this disease with such courage that it just amazes me. Oh, he's had his "down" days to be sure but he has never taken the attitude that he was defeated. This ALS is such a horrible disease. It deeply and profoundly affects not only Brian but his entire family and all those who have loved Brian throughout the years.

We did not want him to have to go to St. Vincent Hospice. We desperately wanted to be able to care for him at home until the end but it eventually became painfully apparent to us that we just could not provide for him the level of care he required.

When he first was admitted to the hospice in-patent unit it took a while for all of us to adjust to the new environment and new routine. Brian was very quiet, resistant to the staff but we understood. He just wasn't interested in ANYTHING anymore. It was shortly before Christmas and it seemed as if there was just nothing anyone could do for him, or no gift we could get him, that would make him happy and bring a smile to his face.

But then he was given the best gift anyone could have given to him.

What was that gift?

It was YOU!

Each and every one of you!

Of course he loved having the opportunity to talk racing with the many drivers, crew members and owners who gave so generously of their time to come visit him. He loved all the race memorabilia that was given to him. His room truly does look like a race museum! But what really touched his heart and brought back his beautiful smile was YOU... the average race fan.

He just cannot get over the fact that so many "strangers" really care about him. That you have given to him a part of your hearts is a gift for which none of us will ever be able to adequately express. You consider him "family" but we all want each one of you to know that YOU are now part of OUR family.

Since you have been involved in his life he is once again smiling, is interested in something and feels that he is making some positive contribution. He knows there is nothing anyone can do for him but it is his deepest desire that someday they find a cure for this terrible disease. For some reason ALS has always had trouble getting much attention from the general public or the media and does not seem to generate much passion that leads to research money... at least not until it affects someone YOU know.

This is why the gift you have given to him is so precious... and priceless... to both Brian and his family.

After visiting with Brian a couple of weeks ago I commented that the one word I would use to describe him now is contented... and that, my dear friends, is all we could possibly hope for at this stage of his journey.

So, from a Mother's heart, I say thank you for what you have given to our son and for what you have given to his family. We will have many happy moments to remember thanks to our Track Forum and Indy Racing Family.

You are loved,

Mary Ann


Thank you from Brian's Family  - 1/27/02

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Dear Friends of Brian's Wish,

To coin a phrase, there are angels among us - all of you involved with Brian’s care and Brian’s Wish.

Until recently Brian’s family had been responsible for a lot of Brian’s care. Even though we didn’t want to give it up, it became evident that we could not continue. We felt we were letting Brian down somehow. However since he has been at a hospice facility, we are seeing smiles that we have not seen for a long time. He is receiving excellent care, warmth and commitment on a daily basis.

Barb found out that Brian has always been a great race fan and has involved the racing community to help cheer him up, and boy, have you done that! What all of you have achieved we would not have been able to do — putting a smile back on Brian’s face, helping Brian accomplish his dream of a cure for ALS.

Until all of you came into our lives, we saw and felt only devastation and an intense sadness. For the first time we now have a reason to feel that something good could come out of Brian having ALS.

We have always known that our Brian is a very special person. We now know that he has attracted incredibly special people who have chosen to help fight this battle.

We, Brian’s family, are deeply moved and most grateful to all of you ---- our angels. 

Thank You!


BRIAN UPDATE - 2/11/02

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Hi Friends~

Time for another "update" because many of you fine folks have sent me PM's or e-mails asking about "the kid".

Brian is doing fair. It is apparent to all that he continues the very slow but progressive decline. There have been no drastic changes but, I promise, I will keep you informed IF it is cleared first with his family. Remember, my first responsibility is to maintain Brian's right to privacy.

On the "up" side, he has been a busy little beaver!

Last week, Dave Argabright from National Speed Sport News visited with both Brian and his Dad. I was extremely impressed with Dave. He seems like a very gentle, compassionate person. He said he thinks his story will be published in this week's edition. It is due out Thursday, 2/14. I saw him today and he said he would let me know if it is not going to be in this week's paper. I can hardly wait to see it. Dave stopped by today and brought Brian an autographed copy of a book he had written...looks so good I think I am going to buy myself a copy.

Brian has received a beautiful autographed picture of Tony Stewart who is his all-time favorite.

He has a buddy who is trying to make him a t-shirt with "the decal" on it but have not seen it yet.. at least not to my knowledge.

Here is the scoop on the decals. They are here! 

But I want you all to know how they were made possible to all of us.

220mph is the one who did all of the design work. He prepared several different versions then presented them to Brian who made the final selection. I believe it was also 220mph who first presented the idea of trying to raise awareness and money for ALS by allowing Brian to get involved in this project. It has proven to be a blessing in so many ways and to so many people.

Then 220mph and Step33 got together and have devoted countless hours researching and organizing the business and logistics of Brian's Wish.

Dennis Reinbold and Robbie Buhl of Dryer & Reinbold Infiniti Racing, together with Racing for Kids and Team Purex stepped up to the plate and offered to help in any way they could. Remember, I said they offered...they were not asked! It is because of Dennis that we have decals produced by "The Master", Packy Wheeler. Dennis made one phone call and Packy agreed to get the decals produced immediately... even though this is probably his busiest time of year. He also makes the sponsor decals for almost all of both the IRL and CART teams.

I went over to Packy's home this past Saturday and picked up the first batch of decals. Let me tell you they are just gorgeous!

He has done an outstanding job and deserves many thanks. He has made sets for Brian's family, which I gave to Brian today, also to myself for sharing with the hospice staff, for Dennis and Joanna of the IRL/IMS who is going to help distribute them to the various teams. There are 4 sizes: small crew helmet size in both horizontal and vertical styles; bumper sticker size; "contingency sponsor" size (will be on the side-pods of the cars).

220mph and step33 are in the process right now of coming up with a way for yo to receive these decals in exchange for a contribution to ALS Research. They will let us know when and how these will be made available. I do want to add that, while at Packy's home, I had the pleasure of also meeting his wife. They are both very warm, caring, compassionate people. Packy is making these exceptional quality decals available to us with no profit expected.. just to cover the costs of production. His company is called Performance Graphix and I would recommend him highly.

Our very own, and much loved, "Fueler" has generously donated the funds necessary to produce and manufacture the Brian's Wish decals. This is also a very kind act with nothing expected in return and is to be applauded!

Someone had the idea to get a plain white driver's helmet, put Brian's Wish decals on it, have it autographed by most, if not all, of the drivers and racing "big-wigs". Those helmets are expensive. How were we going to get one? Not to worry! I only mentioned it and without skipping a beat Robbie Buhl says, "Don't worry about that. I'll take care of that for you". In addition, Robbie and Dennis offered to make their rig the "home base" of Brian's Wish supplies. There have been several people in addition to Robbie who have offered to assist in distributing decals to the teams and obtaining signatures for the helmet. They include Joanna from the IRL/IMS; Tyce Carlson, Robby Unser, Scott Harrington and Eddie Cheever.

I will tell you that this weekend I bought my first bottle of Purex and will never use my "Brand X" again as long as Purex continues to sponsor Dryer & Reinbold Racing and Racing for Kids!

A special thanks also to Janie Vogel and Steve Roggie who have been exceptionally supportive and encouraging to all associated with Brian's Wish...which, of course, is every single one of you. Their radio show Inside Racing is a HUGE success.... I think it's one of the best shows I've ever seen or heard. With all due respect, it leaves RPM Tonight standing in the dust!

All of those fantastic folks at Trackside Live have also been just phenomenal. Those associated with TSL are class-act human beings.

This Thursday our very own "silvercrown" is driving all the way down here from Michigan just to visit Brian.... meet-up with Dog and, of course, make the obligatory visit to "The Track"!

If I have left anyone out I am so sorry. There are just so many people to thank but most of all, the biggest thanks goes to each and every one of you! YOU are what makes Track Forum, Inside Racing and Trackside Live the extra special organizations that they are. For what each of you are doing for Brian, his family.... and for ourselves... I give thanks. There is a scripture verse that I think is very appropriate here: "We comfort because we have been comforted".

Every single one of you are greatly respected and loved!


Barb (aka: AuntBarb)

BRIAN UPDATE - 1/25/02

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Hello Friends,

It's been a pretty good week for Brian. His general condition continues to slowly decline but that's really not a surprise to anyone.

I want each one of you to know the huge difference the TF family has made to Brian. It's been such a positive influence that all I can do is just stand in awe and amazement... and GRATITUDE.

He is such a great guy. I just wish each one of you could have the opportunity to meet him because you would be so enriched and inspired by the courage of this young man.

His Dad an sister print copies of these threads and then read them to him. He LOVES the decal! He is very humble and I think a bit embarrassed but is also very deeply touched and appreciative. This has given him a purpose.. at least some positive legacy and feeling that his life has had a positive impact on so many. His primary aim is to increase the public awareness of this horrific disease.

Tonight, after A LOT of thought, Brian has made the decision that he would like CAHILL RACING to be our sponsored team. He really had a hard time making this decision because he sees so many teams as very deserving.

This week he received in the mail a really cool Cheerios team hauler signed by Richard Petty himself.

He is also very excited about the possibility of John Andretti running the Indy 500. However, he does admit that Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart are his all-time favorite drivers!!! Any of you guys have any "connections" in NASCAR land?   

I think the hi-light of his week was a very nice visit with Sarah Fisher. I don't know exactly what they talked about because I have made the introduction and taken a couple of pictures we just leave them alone to talk. I can say that Sarah was just terrific. She came on a Sunday afternoon and with absolutely no obligation to do so...as has been the same for everyone!

I sat and talked to Sarah for a while before she went in to meet Brian and I want it known from someone who spent time with her just one week ago that she is trim and fit!!! There is not one ounce of flab on her...you can take that to the bank!!!

Today I spoke with a wonderful woman at IMS who is going to issue a memo from IMS/IRL to all teams "encouraging" them to display the Brian's Wish decal...and although he does not want this I want to publicly thank Dennis Reinbold of Dryer and Reinbold Infiniti and owner of the Purex car driven by Robbie Buhl because Dennis is the one who has been instrumental in securing such support from IMS/IRL.

Well, guess that's it for now. Again, Brian has asked me to thank each one of you!

With much affection,


BRIAN UPDATE - 1/17/02

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Hi Gang! 

It's been more than a week so thought you may be wondering about Brian.

He is such a great guy. He's just hangin' in there although it is obvious that the disease is progressing as is expected. I just don't see how he does it. He still has his sense of humor, still has that impish grin and still says "thank you".

Here is the scoop on where we all stand if you guys still would like to do something to promote support for ALS research in honor of Brian during the month of May. Friends, this is a win-win situation and opportunity for everyone involved. I was informed that MAY IS ALS AWARENESS MONTH NATIONALLY!! Do you believe the coincidence? Or is it a coincidence?

Brian, after discussing your idea of a small decal on the cars and/or team helmets indicating "ALS Research in honor of Brian", with his parents and with a representative of our local ALS Association has decided that if you all would like to do this he s more than willing.... and is deeply honored and appreciative.

So we have several teams/drivers who have agreed to do this. Brian will most certainly not be with us by May but we will not forget him and the way he has touched our lives... by displaying true courage and maintaining such dignity.

After meeting with him today here is what we need to do although I need some of you to act as a resource and help direct things.

I have the name and e-mail address of Brian's ALS representative here in Indy. We need to get her connected with someone within the racing organization to get things started and decide what is the best way to go with this. That most certainly is not my field!

So do we have any volunteers and/or suggestions/advice?

I would guess that right now is the best time to get this started.. before you all get really busy with preparations for TiTW.

Please feel free to e-mail me with your ideas/suggestions/advice. www.ND500BARB@webtv.net

Once again, his parents and his sister (and the entire nursing staff at hospice) want to thank you....from the bottom of our hearts for what you have given to and been for Brian.

God bless you~


BRIAN UPDATE - 1/11/02

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Hi Friends~

I apologize for not posting for a while and for not returning the PM's from a couple of you.
First of all, Brian is doing pretty good... status quo for now.

I needed to delay the "updates" for a while because I had to check things out with Corporate Affairs at the hospital. Here is where we stand.

First, my primary responsibility is to Brian... to caring for him and to, at ALL times maintain patient confidentiality.

If any of you should want to call hospice to see if it is OK to visit Brian... that is fine... but please do not ask for any personal information such as specifics about his condition.

The cards, letters and memorabilia are fantastic. Every time I open a package for Brian he just beams. You all will NEVER know what a profound impact your expressions of care and concern have meant to both Brian and his family. Everyone at hospice fondly refers to his room as "The Racing Museum"!

I can honestly tell you that your support has absolutely brought more joy to Brian than anything else. It is just inspiring. Each one of you are making his last few weeks much more bearable than they would ever had been without you.

Glenn, I also apologize for not responding to your message. I had to wait and see where I stood as far as my participation in this since I am primarily his nurse and am also a representative of the hospital. I was informed today that the hospital is also very appreciative to each one of you for what you are GIVING to Brian and my continued involvement is no problem as long as I am very careful to continue to protect his privacy.. anywhere but most especially on the internet.

In regards to the IRL Crew card.... the thought is good but I cannot give you his address or his son's name. If someone from The Crew would like to visit Brian that would be just wonderful. Any information Brian chooses to share with any of you is fine...as long as the information comes from him and not through me...unless he requests I forward a message to you.

220mph~ The idea of affixing a small decal to team helmets and/or cars for the Indy 500 is fantastic but here again I had to discuss it with Brian first. I did speak with him today. His response was one of unbelievable gratitude. He still cannot believe how each of you has bonded with him...and he feels the same way. His wish is to come up with some type of decal that emphasizes ALS Research in his honor. He realizes he will not be here to see it in person but is deeply honored and appreciative. He said "yes" but I encouraged him to discuss this with his parents as they may become involved by the media. He has agreed to speak with them then I will again discuss this with him.... probably this Sunday or Monday at the latest.

If we decide to move forward with this the best course of action will be for me to contact the local ALS chapter, put them in contact with one of you (who???) and let you all take over. Naturally, anything I can do to help and/or facilitate this for Brian I would be happy to do.... just not as a representative of the hospital.

Does this sound reasonable and acceptable to you? The drivers/teams who have already agreed to join this endeavor are so appreciated. Hopefully the word will spread and more teams will agree to honor Brian by expressing support for ALS research.

Lady-turn-left...Brian did receive your package. The pictures are hanging all over the walls and Scott Goodyear's hat is proudly sitting atop a lamp!

cps~ your gift was forwarded to the appropriate people and we all, but especially me, are just so touched and appreciative.... not so much because of the gift but because of your willingness to open your hearts to a total stranger... but a stranger no longer because now we are all friends just trying to ease this final journey of a member of the IRL family.

Today he received a really nice package from Robby Unser. He broke into a smile that was just beautiful. He had tears in his eyes and with slurred speech and in a voice barely above a whisper he said;

"Tell them thanks. It's great. They must be really nice people."

I am still tying to contact Sarah....was told she was planning on visiting "after the first of the year". If any of you can "remind" her or give me some way to contact her I would appreciate it.

I will continue to keep you posted. You are all giving so much that I will never be able to thank you enough. I will post another "update" just as soon as I hear Brian's final decision.

God bless each one of you



BRIAN UPDATE - 12/29/01

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Dear TF Friends 

As requested and promised is a brief update.
Brian is slowly continuing to decline as was expected but is still as sweet as ever!

His Christmas was good primarily because of all the selfless acts of caring and compassion extended to him by each of you...his extended racing family. His walls, doors and windows are quickly being covered by IRL team shirts, hats, pictures and cards. He just lays there and beams when he looks at them and is still overwhelmed by all of it. You have all allowed Brian to smile and for that each of you should feel a warm fuzzy glow in your hearts.

Yesterday Scott Harrington stopped in for a visit. Brian's parents were there also. They are taking pictures and some video to remember these last days. Once again his Dad cried tears of deep appreciation and gratitude for what the IRL and TF is giving to his son.

Scott and Brian were left alone for about 45 min. and I suppose just shared talk of racing and "guy-stuff". Scott was extremely caring. Although the gifts of time and presence are the most precious and valued he also gave to Brian several shirts, hats, autographed pictures and, the best of all, an autographed helmet he was wearing when he won a Trans-Am race in Portland. Brian teases me all the time that if some of his stuff disappears he will know to look in my house because "his nurse" is having a mightily struggle with envy and greed!

He also received a package from Buzz Calkins with autographed picture, wonderful letter and an autographed helmet visor. It is also very cool!

In addition, someone just dropped of a couple more Team Kelly Racing shirts...just left them at the desk...they were given to Brian but no one knows who brought them....My guess would be Diz!

That's it for now. I will continue to post updates at intervals.

I heard this on the radio Christmas Day and it really had an impact on me. This epitomizes what you have given to Brian.

"The best gift is not what I get but what God's grace allows me to give".



BRIAN UPDATE - 12/21/01

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Thanks to each and every one of you for your prayers, assistance, compassion and gifts from your hearts...more precious than gold or silver!

Tonight Brian's Dad stood in the hall and cried like a baby. He said, "We know Brian is going t die soon but thanks to your friends we have not seen him beaming like this for months! Please tell them how appreciative we are for what they are giving to or son". Of course, then I had to reach for a Puffs!

Yesterday afternoon Mark Dismore came in to see Brian. I was not there (drats!.. because I would really have liked to meet Diz) but the staff told me Mark visited with Brian for quite a while...talked racing and stuff. Mark brought him an autographed picture then on the way out stopped and made a contribution to Hospice in Brian's name...that is a gift of love that will have an impact for years to come.

This afternoon Eddie Cheever came by and spent a good hour talking with Brian.. and met Brian's parents... unfortunately his 8 year old son was not able to be there. Eddie had brought very special gifts for the boy. Gave him an autographed Winner's Circle picture, a brand new "Excite" cap autographed (this is funny because Eddie couldn't find and team hats at the shop so he made a special trip down to the IMS Gift Shop and had to buy one of his own hats!)...then he also gave him one of the team shirts that was worn on Race Day in '98 when Eddie won the race (autographed). Brian just beamed. The shirt and had are hanging on a lamp right where Brian can see it...looks like a team member standing in the room next to the TV...really cool! Friends, as I was walking Eddie to the door he had tears in his eyes and said, "I will be back. I promise". He is an extremely kind, gentle and compassionate man...hard to believe it's the same man who "entertains" us with his verbal expressions on our scanners!

Tomorrow B1 is coming by with some stuff...hope he comes later in the day so I can meet him.

Jeret Schroeder is sending something.

Sarah Fisher will be coming in right after 1/1/02.

Scott Harrington contacted me this morning and he will be visiting right after Christmas.

Robby Unser has contacted me and will be sending stuff plus offered to help in way he could.

Any of you guys able to contact Scott Goodyear or Scott Sharp? (Although Scott S. and Eddie should probably not visit at the same time

A couple of you have asked if you could contribute anything. It is very important that you understand this was NEVER intended to be any kind of solicitation for hospice. However, I discussed it with my boss today and she said if any of you would like to make a contribution to St. Vincent Hospice it would be gratefully accepted. I would suggest a donation made in honor of Brian, in memory of your loved one who has passed away or even to honor someone you honor, love and respect. Again, you MUST understand that I am NOT seeking any kind of donations. This entire thing was started with the ONLY intent of bring some moments of joy to a wonderful young man who has a horrible disease and is lying there knowing he will die within the next few weeks..... and that, my dear and cherished friends, you are already doing with more yet to come.

If you would like to send anything... cards for Brian or donations to hospice.. you my send them to me at hospice and I will make sure they are personally delivered to Brian or my boss.

Barb Lyons, RN
St. Vincent Hospice
8450 N. Payne Rd.
Suite 100
Indianapolis, IN.

I am working this weekend and on Christmas.. but I think Brian is making this a very special Christmas for me and I am actually looking forward to it.

God bless each one of you!


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